Man Drives 3 Hours in the Rain to See ‘Suing the Devil’ movie

In a telling tale of the intense public interest to see the new faith-based movie, ‘Suing the Devil,’ one man drove 3 hours – enduring pouring rain and other bad weather – to see the film at a theater.

“I drove that far because the theaters around here are not playing it,” says Jeremy Ambler, “and the closest theater was in Greensboro, North Carolina. I had to see the film!”

Along the way, Jeremy endured pouring rain, sleet, and other bad weather as he drove across two state-lines to see the film.

Was it worth it in the end? “Oh yes! The film rocked!” he says. “The film really spoke to me about how cunning the devil is and how he manipulates you into pleasing him instead of God. Things like lust, revenge, slander, loving the world…the film was amazing. You could not have found a better actor to play the devil than Malcolm McDowell.”

Kay Arthur, best-selling author and founder of Precept Ministries, also says, “It’s a wonderful film that shows the spiritual battle we face against the Enemy.”

‘Suing the Devil,’ the highly-acclaimed film opened in select theaters nationwide on August 26, 2011. It had the second highest-grossing average of any independent film in the nation.

‘Suing the Devil’ stars Malcolm McDowell, Rebecca St. James, Corbin Bernsen, Shannen Fields (‘Facing the Giants’), Tom Sizemore, Ros Gentle, and Bart Bronson. Hillsong also participated in the movie shot in Sydney, Australia.

‘Suing the Devil’ also made the list of WIRED Magazine’s ‘Top Summer Movies That Will Rock Your World’ and won the Five-Dove award from the Dove Foundation.

In the film, Luke O’Brien (Bart Bronsen), a washed-up janitor turned night law student, decides to sue Satan (Malcolm McDowell) for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan’s legal team are 10 of the country’s best trial lawyers (Dennis Cole, Jeff Gannon, Annie Lee). The entire world watches Legal TV (Corbin Bernsen, Tom Sizemore, Rebecca St. James) to see who will win the Trial of the Century.

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