Christian Answers Movie Review: Suing the Devil

Excellent film! Malcolm McDowell’ performance is outstanding. Better even than Walter Huston’s eerie portrayal of Scratch in the film “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” Malcolm played the part of Satan with arrogance, rebelliousness, deceit, anger, mockery, pride, sarcasm, hatred, and malevolence, such as has never been seen on film. In other words, an honest, effective, Biblically accurate, and revealing representation of the Enemy. It is refreshing that an actor of such caliber as Malcolm McDowell, who not only starred in the film, but also produced it, would make such a bold statement for Christ and create a film that will no doubt be useful for sharing the Gospel

Bart Bronson also does a splendid job portraying Luke, a young attorney who files a lawsuit against Satan for all the damages he has caused him, personally, and humanity throughout time. Luke struggles with human nature, but grows in faith as he attempts to expose and boldly confront Satan. The premise of the film cleverly presents and addresses many questions and objections people raise about faith, God, Jesus Christ, Satan, evil, temptation, salvation, free will, the reality of Hell, and individual choice.

There are Scriptural references throughout, quoted directly or paraphrased effectively. Interesting to note is the way many people in the film dismiss Satan or knowingly and willingly support him. In response, the devil belittles those serving him and gloats over his cartoonish characterization in the media. The film focuses on Satan’s biggest lie: that Hell isn’t real and the devil doesn’t exist. But his pride prevents him from remaining silent, so he appears in court to defend himself.

The testimony of witnesses, cross examination, and summary arguments are very interesting. I pray that this film will plant seeds and give pause to unbelievers.

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